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Roman Škoda – actor, singer

Roman Škoda

Roman Skoda has graduated from Prague State Academy of Musical Art in 1988. During his studies of opera and operetta singing as well as musical comedy at the Academy, he was often acting and singing at city of Ostrava - Opera and Operetta House. At the time there was the well-known art director and great actor Mr. Josef Kobr. And there is more - the legendary and greatly respected conductor Mr. Dalibor Brazda who was so instrumental in success of so many Czech classical music artists was no doubt one of the best and influential teachers to Roman Skoda in his early years of art studies. It was there and then where Mr. Roman Skoda has gotten most valuable experience for his entire life long artistic carrier.

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Offers of the concerts

Mr. Roman Skoda and Ruzena Hanusova are available as soloists or as duets.

However our concerts can include many other great professional artists all of whom are extremely capable entertainers actors and superior singers with years of experience in live theater in TV in various clubs and radio stations all over the world. Most hosted in Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, Austria in Russia and Japan.

Our repertoire is rich in its content. It is tastefully appealing and classy in its appearance. Nevertheless it still can be adjusted according to your needs and/or preferences.

Our soloists and singers are capable of tailoring the entire program either in original versions or as adapted selected text to your requirements.

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What is the operetta?

Operetta is this beautiful never aging lady who even after many years does not loose her appeal and charm. She is ageless and always in demand to those who can appreciate her and to those who love her for what she is. Some people say that operetta is younger and wilder sister of opera. But operetta is much more then that. Operetta is quite difficult and more so a demanding lady. And this is precisely why operetta singers must be good resourceful actors as well and indeed - they must be all-round talented and versatile artists. If we mention a bit of history – in June 1855 (5.6.1855) Jacques Offenbachthe renowned guru of operetta opened his “Theatre of Paris fun”. History however does not mention much about Mr. Florimond Ronger / Hervé who established similar theatre about a year earlier. And yet this gentleman had to wait for his glory much longer than Mr. Offenbach regardless or perhaps especially with his lovely and regarded by some an incredible piece called “Mam’zelle Nitouche”. So what does that says to us? If the “Lady Operetta” is truly beautiful she will no doubt take the loving hearts and make it into saloons of fame and memory.

Růžena Hanusová

Růžena Hanusová

She also graduated from State Academy of Musical Art in Prague. She has been acting and singing in many theatres inEurope. She has been known for her best role as Olimpie in “Hoffman’s stories”.

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