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Roman Škoda a Růžena Hanusová

Mr. Roman Skoda and Ruzena Hanusova are available as soloists or as duets.

However our concerts can include many other great professional artists all of whom are extremely capable entertainers actors and superior singers with years of experience in live theater in TV in various clubs and radio stations all over the world. Most hosted in Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, Austria in Russia and Japan.

Our repertoire is rich in its content. It is tastefully appealing and classy in its appearance. Nevertheless it still can be adjusted according to your needs and/or preferences.

Our soloists and singers are capable of tailoring the entire program either in original versions or as adapted selected text to your requirements.

We are cooperating with solo pianists as well as with opera orchestra thus we are able to accommodate all your needs. We will do our best to fit into your time schedule and repertoire requirements. You may consider our services to be presented at private public or state representative occasions. Just imagine how splendid would be a memorable birthday party for someone you love. How cultivated you would appear to organize a classy company party or perhaps elite private party. And what about all other exquisite celebrations – your guests will love being entertained by passages from world famous operettas or perhaps even dancing to Johan Strauss waltzes and glorious Italian melodies.

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